About Us

A Next-Generation Media Company

At bestview™, we won't ask you to "wait at home between the hours of 10 am and noon on a work day for a complete stranger to enter your home" like BIG cable and the BIG phone. Instant service activation is ready when your Tenant moves in. Now that is service!

MDUs have been systematically held back from technological advances by The BIGs, i.e., BIG Cable, BIG Phone and Regional Operators. It isn't hard to understand why we are here. According to a new study from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (as reported by Business Insider), 7 of the top 15 most-disliked companies in the U.S. provide TV and Internet services.

At bestview™, we have "purpose-built" a new kind of Media Company that delivers on all the promises IP technology has to offer and our system is the tonic to the outdated technology of the BIGs.

One MDU at a time, we are redefining and delivering the experience that Residents desire, deserve and will pay for on time each month. The benefit to you is your property management team signs leases faster and for longer terms, while we incrementally add revenue to your income statement, and dramatically impact your balance sheet AND save your Residents BIG money with far superior services.

"...7 of the top 15 most-disliked U.S. companies provide TV and Internet Services..." - Business Insider, 2012

The BIGs reinforce their reputations every day. Frustratingly poor customer support, poor picture quality, slow internet speeds, all delivered over 1970's vintage cable networks that was obsolete in the 1980's! And the worst part is they expect the Customers to be happy with this business model while they bleed the old technology for their profit! This was the market norm until bestview™.

Retirement Communities, Apartment communities, Condos, University Apartments, Military bases, Government Housing, and other MDUs have been absent in the upgrade of technologies over the past 25 years. The existence of 25 year-old+ coaxial cable and even older twisted-pair copper phone lines cause the inherent bandwidth bottlenecks that continue to limit an MDU Resident's access to current and in particular future technologies, including higher bandwidth requirements of 4k content that is available now and 8k content coming in 2015, and auto-sensing customer care.

That is why our mission at bestview™ has been to build the most-advanced, highly capable IP communications network scalable to cover the entire USA. We have purpose built a highly advanced delivery platform that provides Residents tangible value for goods received, giving bragging rights to your Tenants, offering a sense of pride in the property and handing Property Managers and Owners a real competitive advantage.

The investment in your property will move the needle on the balance sheet! A CEO and CFO dream come true!

bestview™ is not a reseller of BIG cable or BIG phone or anyone else. We are a core service provider that buys directly from core programmers, and delivers our content directly to your property from our world class data center on a private fiber optic delivery system.

The bestview™ network delivers the highest-quality television programming in the USA, the fastest downstream and upstream Internet speeds of any provider in the USA, VoIP, mobility services, and more to each Resident at a mind bending value.

Senior Leadership Team

Thomas M. Van Ham
Thomas M. Van Ham Founder, President & CEO

An accomplished Senior Executive with highly successful stops in both Corporate and Entrepreneurial companies, Mr. Van Ham learned and honed his skills at technology giants like ROLM Corporation, IBM, BoatPhone based in the Caribbean, Fujitsu, BellSouth and Cisco Systems. Mr. Van Ham's viewpoint emanates from his experiences in the IT business for over 30 years. A skilled financial manager with highly evolved skills in engineering, product development and sales, Mr. Van Ham uses his IT skills to solve age old technology problems using leading edge platforms to provide superior services years ahead of the BIGs at a far superior value. Mr. Van Ham earned an MBA with an emphasis in Finance and graduated with distinction.

Andrew Levy
Andrew Levy Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Levy is an accomplished Senior Executive who has served as the CFO and Director of Human Resources and built a small start-up Company into a $60MM computer systems manufacturer. Mr. Levy has been the Chief Financial Officer and Controller for numerous small and medium-sized businesses in manufacturing/distribution, service and technology industries for the past 14 years. Mr. Levy is a CPA, MBA, and CBA.